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Welcome to Property Elite
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Elite Specialist Services

We are International Property Advisers , offering High quality professional services in all key of real estate consultancy. We serve as expert witness and provide due diligence in the services we offer. These include :

Specialist Services

► Valuation
► Statutory Valuation
► Project , Facility and Portfolio Management
► Hospitality Management
► Property Management

Advisory Services

► Consulting and Research
► Forecasting (Asia)
► Investment Advisory
► Asset and Portfolio management
► Gobal Corporate services
► Development and marketing Consultancy
(Business space - Office , Industrial , Retail , Residential)
► Property Tax advice
► Middle East Desk and Islamic Finance

Agency Services

► Investment ► Residential
► Business Space (office / Industrial) ► Retail
► Auction  

Property Elite offers clients access to services via the following 'solutions' for our different client groups.

► Business and financial solutions ► Property solution - developer
► Property solutions - investor ► Property solutions - occupier


Our Specialities: With Property elite, you know you are truly getting more than your money’s worth! We work hard to ensure that our clients are happy and content, risk-free and secure, and all their needs have been taken care of. We specialize in the following services at Property-elite.com:

Property management: At Property-elite.com, we provide a professional and internationally integrated property management solution for investors, corporate owners and occupiers of property alike. Whatever your requirement is, our buyer’s agent team can cover it. Whether it is local and international funds, regional or central government properties, real estate companies, corporate owners across the office, or retail and residential properties, we can source them for you. Our service is suited to meet the requirements and business objectives of our customers. We always do our best to provide you with real value, which is added by optimizing your income stream and increase in the realization of your asset valuation.

Valuation and Statutory Valuation: We provide valuation, appraisal and due diligence guidance to a large range of clients at Property-elite.com. Whether it is large institutions, banks, corporate houses or private individuals, we deliver the best of our experience, dynamism and scientific approach to valuations for all our clients. Our wide network of real estate connections gives us insight to not just a deep understanding of the local property market, but also allows us to take on larger orders where we can quickly apply capital to meet the client’s timeframe. Our years of experience in all these areas are supported by a rich amount of research that influences our decision-making.


Financial, Project and Property consultation: Property Elite consulting finance team gives you the perfect mix of financial and property proficiency to provide leading market advice.

Among our services are property valuations as well as business valuations for commercial or strategic work, transaction services to help you and guide you through the entire procedure from an early options evaluation all the way to the conclusion of the deal. We also have financial master planning to monetarily appraise key developments and assess important risks and returns.

Supporting all our services is detailed financial appraisal. Property-elite.com has an established and dependable approach, which gives you a methodical and complete appraisal of real estate, business and finance issues. In particular, it provides reassurance of your financial position and projects; identifying the key business drivers, important risks and sensitivities.

Integrating property, business and finance expertise, we carry out due diligence, evaluate and generate business models. Tactical consultation is provided in the process; addressing the important issues found and the many diverse strategic options on hand. Our method is both scientific and proactive.


 Hospitality Management: We can make hotel bookings or arrange short term accommodation like service apartments for you if you need it. This will be of help if you are relocating and need a place to stay for a short period of time before you move into your new dream home, or if you are waiting for it to get ready or if you are still looking for one. In such cases, we will help you stay at service apartments with 1-3 bedrooms.  They are very utilitarian and well equipped and are priced quite reasonably if compared to staying in hotels for long periods of time.

At Property-elite.com, we have a proven track record, and an unmatched reputation. Property-elite.com is there to give you guidance whenever you need it, deliver real-life, practical solutions, while optimizing value and returns.

Research and Consulting: At property-elite.com, we provide a wide array of research products and services to our customers. Our customers are from various spheres like investors, occupiers, property companies and the public sector. We provide comprehensive reports, forecasts and economic analysis. An unparalleled track record, combined with a sound methodology and scientific approach enable us to deliver leading research solutions to our customers worldwide.


Forecasting: Property Elite forecasting service gives our customers an edge in formulating strategic assessments. We provide forecasts and analysis of important economic indicators of country, region and local level worldwide. Our property markets forecasting helps with rents, yields, capital values and total returns for local markets and individual assets in commercial and residential real estate markets. We offer investor consulting for urbane fund-based / institutional customers, as well as bespoke research services customized to meet individual customer’s requirements.

Investment Advisory: We offer a wide selection of corporate advisory products for the property market. The main issues regarding business changes that we help clients with are mergers and acquisition of companies, joint ventures, and private equity placements.

Asset Management: At property-elite.com, our approach towards asset management is to provide specific solutions to each client to meet their unique and specific requirements. Our clients include fund managers, investment banks, indirect vehicle specialists, private investors and overseas opportunity funds. Many of these clients look to generate value by employing high levels of gearing and often seek assets with considerable value enhancement potential.


Corporate Services: We base our advice around corporate strategic objectives, and we cover many of the following services. They are accommodation planning which includes relocation, consolidation, rationalization, as well as expansion, location strategy, inward investment advice, asset management planning, estate strategies, covering all types of properties, property performance improvement including benchmarking programs, and property tax planning.

Development Consultancy: Our corporate network provides great market exposure and our sector specialists envelop every type of real estate, including offices, industrial, retail, leisure and residential. Our customers include landowners, developers, investors and occupiers from both the private and public sector.

Property Tax advice: We provide you with help and guidance on how to go about filing your property tax. We guide you on how you should be assessed for property tax, and show you how you can get you property evaluated correctly and fairly, be it residential, commercial, office space or retail space.

Islamic finance and Middle East Desk: International Islamic investment has been growing fast in the property markets. Our Islamic finance team has experience with banks, fund managers and other investor groups to facilitate international real estate deals. Our specialists help with GCC, and MENA-based financial institutions and other investors with property advice to funds which are investing in Europe, GCC and MENA using the latest international, Shari’a-compliant models.


Offices: Our offices and business park panel offers strategic advice to clients through till the implementation of the project. Our customers comprise corporate houses, public sector, financial institutions and real estate developers. Over time and through experience, we have formulated a deep understanding of the market, finding value and reducing costs.

Retail and Leisure: Whether it is shopping malls, retail warehousing, leisure schemes, factory outlet centers, or mixed use locations, we provide a comprehensive solution which will help you understand current market trends and underpinning value to these deals. Our retail experts advise clients from strategy through to implementation.

Residential and Auctions: Property-elite.com’s niche specialty is in providing expert advice where residential properties are concerned. We have years of sound experience in this field, and can help you research, acquire, buy, sell, or rent residential property anywhere in Singapore. We can even help you with temporary accommodation incase you require service apartments while you are in-between homes. This is a segment we truly excel at.

We also offer sound advice to our clients on auctions that are taking place around Singapore, and keep you updated on what the correct valuation should be for each property you may have an interest in.

Dedicated Service: Last but not least, at property-elite.com, we offer you a round the clock 24 hour dedicated help desk service which is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year to provide a one-stop solution for occupiers and is the heart of our performance management system. We look forward to serving you better always.




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